Jul 7, 2010

// 'Summer Exhibition 2010' // Rua Red: South Dublin Arts Centre

Work installed at the Rua Red Gallery's Summer Exhibition 2010.

" 'Summer Show 2010' is Rua Red’s second annual exhibition of works chosen from an open call. The show is an opportunity for artists to have their work exhibited in one of the country’s best gallery spaces whilst also making the curatorial panel aware of new work and emerging artists. This year you can expect to be looking from floor to ceiling with Aisling McGovern’s Untitled sculpture pieces (the staff have lovingly named ‘the book trees’), subtle yet striking photography from Victoria J Dean and exceptional drawing skills from John Jones and Louise Wallace. The ‘Summer Show 2010′ previews on Saturday 17 July from 3pm – 5pm with summer food and drink, live entertainment and great company. All are welcome." Visual Artist Ireland.

- http://visualartists.ie/listings/exhib-lein/dublin/‘summer-show-2010’-at-rua-red-dublin/


-------- '180th RHA Annual Exhibition', May-July '10

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